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zarin taslima
Jul 13, 2022
In General Discussion
Since 2014, Ke Wenzhe has had an advantage in the Air Force (Internet, media) by relying on his aides at the time to spread the grease. Also because Ke Wenzhe attaches great importance to the media halo and the voice of the Internet, the most intolerable thing is that the voice of the Internet is taken away by others. Once the voice is overwhelmed, he begins to deliberately want to create a topic and rub the voice, hoping to maintain himself. The news is hot, and it is planning for the People's Party's 2022 local elections and even the 2024 presidential election, but the current effect does not seem to be significant. Epidemic prevention is the top priority in our country recently. The performance of the epidemic prevention chief minister Chen Shizhong and the epidemic company banner design prevention team has been recognized by many at home and abroad. During the process, Ke Wenzhe's attitude has also changed many times, such as "talking about the isolation location" and sour "in the middle of the time". These remarks did not add points to Ke Wenzhe, so he changed his strategy and said that Taiwan's epidemic prevention is "good luck", and in an exclusive interview with the news station, he said: "I can go to command, it should not be too bad." His previous series of unprofessional speeches and behaviors, I do not know where the confidence came from. After the People's Party won five seats in the legislature, it seems that the political prestige of the party chairman has not been boosted by the party group. During the Chinese New Year, Ke Wenzhe had hoped to regain a wave of news with high administrative efficiency by relying on the demolition of the Chongqing South Road Viaduct, but it was completely overshadowed by the news of the epidemic, and Minister Chen Shizhong, who had performed well during this period, quickly became popular. Becoming the focus of the public's attention, of course, is regarded as a thorn in Ke Wenzhe's eyes. A series of back-and-forth and sour words are showing that Ke Wenzhe is very concerned about potential competitors.
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