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SA Ahad
Jul 28, 2022
In General Discussion
However, with the rapid development of car-making technology, another wave of different opinions has quietly emerged in the car world. Based on the evolution of material mechanics and manufacturing technology, the lines of the body sheet parts are maximized, and the layout and layout of the cockpit are improved. It is the ultimate luxury and exaggeration, as if to show off the advanced car-making skills to the world, challenge the classics with greater fanfare, shout the slogan "More is more", and challenge the world's popular database aesthetic framework. Coincidentally, in the current technological era, the concept of more is more, but it hits it off unexpectedly. Advocates ridicule the conservativeness and inflexibility of classic aesthetics, and even apply the C/P value argument of shopping thinking to comments on aesthetics. In order to maximize the value of the richness of automobile aesthetics, it is not based on the beauty of convincing people, but on the number of creases or lines. Although the future development of this emerging argument is still uncertain, but looking for clues from the historical trajectory, the design schools of such exaggerated techniques seem similar to the past, but every time you want to discuss the classics of the car forum, the line that comes to mind is always the line A minimalist classic car, this answer has been tried and tested.
More is more different factions counterattack, challenge the traditional classic school content media