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omar faruk
Aug 03, 2022
In General Discussion
Ministry of Electricity and Energy's delay in making decisions on relevant projects, investor interest has decreased, but the market is still there. "The question is why these investment interests haven't materialized. Solar still has potential and there are investors who are willing to take risks." Dobermann worked for the Energy Ministry in the capital Nay Pyi Taw. Aung San Suu Kyi's government has done little to increase power generation since taking office in 2016, and has failed to deliver on its officials' pledge to end blackouts by 2020. Numerous proposals for hydro and large-scale solar power generation have been shelved. The government has whatsapp database been in power for more than four years and has yet to complete the signing of large power purchase agreements. Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy, as the ruling party, is to blame, although people familiar with the matter suspect that the Ministry of Electricity and Energy has obstructed the ruling cabinet at all times, leading to slow progress. As the world's largest wafer foundry, TSMC's move to Arizona to set up a 12-inch wafer fab with the most advanced manufacturing process is indeed of great significance. This move has not only triggered many associations in politics, economy and military, and the United States' strategy of "joining Taiwan and fighting China", but even many analysts have speculated that the real reason behind TSMC's "quick move" is from the perspective of global layout. intention. The Commonwealth reported a few days ago that Chairman Liu’s reply to the U.S. factory construction plan: “In the long run, it’s not so much about risk management as it is about leveraging global talent.” Indeed, in the five-element human-machine-materials law (4M1E) of the manufacturing industry, the market share of key semiconductor machines and equipment is almost dominated by American equipment manufacturers, Applied Materials, Lam Research, Lei (KLA), and Dutch business
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