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Md Monower hossain
Jun 20, 2022
In General Discussion
Each year for the past decade I’ve written a post that focuses primarily on technology predictions for the industry as a whole. This year, as usual, I sought input from a Special leads diverse group of people I respect regarding what they think the major trends in technology, as well as business in general, will be in the coming year. I’ve consolidated these conversations and my own POV into three Special leads topics: People, Privacy, and Personalization. What I find interesting, beyond the important topics themselves Special leads, is the potential interplay between them—which I hope you’ll comment on after you read. Finally, before we get started, I don’t think calling these points “predictions” does them justice, as they carry an incredible Special leads amount of weight. I will simply say that these are things I feel strongly Special leads about, assertions if you will, that I believe will transpire in 2018 and undoubtedly catalyze significant societal change. People The first point almost universally made to me was that gender and diversity, Special leads along with decency and respect for all, need to be at the top of everyone’s corporate agenda. Personally, as I have watched movements like #MeToo unfold in 2017, I don’t know how anyone can’t help but feel compassion for victims of any form of harassment or discrimination and feel a call to lean in, now more Special leads than ever, to make things better. As the father of a daughter who will be a senior in college in 2018,
Why 2018 Will Be Known Special leads content media