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Jannat Ara
Aug 03, 2022
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According to the investigation of international organizations, the policy strategy at that time did reduce the problem of inequality between the rich and the poor. However, since 2010, due to a series of factors such as the maturity of shale oil technology and international economic sanctions, the international prices of bulk materials, including oil, have fallen sharply, seriously shaking Venezuela's economic lifeline. Gradually, the state began to be unable to pay the huge expenditure of various social welfare, coupled with the domestic political turmoil, and finally the national economy completely collapsed. Guest Director Wu Zhengji also added that the people who are most directly and seriously affected by economic problems are the people living in them, especially in a fragile political and economic environment, and vulnerable families and children have no right to choose. Just like the Ami family in the film, the defects of the child not only make the family need more resources innately, but the acquired influence of the mother leaving number list home and the father's unemployment is even greater. At this time, the risk of running away is not a decision after consideration, but under the pressure of the environment. Had to helpless. Fortunately, World Vision will see struggling vulnerable families, quickly organize and mobilize and develop emergency food and clothing and community development relief work, assist more families in the same situation as Ami, provide children with richer nutritional conditions, and obtain the right to life. . Slide 6 Photo Credit:TNL Brand Studio Ami, a 5-year-old girl who was born deaf and mute, traveled long distances from her hometown to Ecuador to find a place to live with her grandmother Nancy and father Anfernee. The Mickey Mouse doll pictured was hand-washed and stitched by her grandmother, and was the only toy she had on this trip. World Vision Visual Editing Visual Rebuilding Land Relations, World Vision's Community-Starting Path to Economic Recovery To get to the bottom of it, is oil a godsend or a devil fruit? Guest Professor Yang Jianping explained that this phenomenon of a country's over-reliance on a single natural resource is called "Dutch disease" by economists. As far as national economic development is concerned, this is like a double-edged sword. The large amount of foreign exchange obtained from the export of natural resources raises the currency value, which leads to unfavorable exports of other industries, and the development of agriculture, industry, manufacturing and other industries is also restricted. On the contrary, this means that Venezuela still has undeveloped fertile land that can be cultivated.
In the golden age of soaring international oil prices in the past, Venezuela relied on oil exports to obtain huge profits to support  content media