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Md:Farhad Hossen
Jul 14, 2022
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Now it is also beginning to happen with illustrations such as the modular Blush by Pablo Stanley. It is a way to systematize creativity and, for clients, to have greater autonomy.” 5 design trends for 2021 7 allows you to customize illustrations 4. Importance of the retro and the editorial design of the paper "I notice a certain aesthetic nod to retro and editorial, almost to old journalism. In this nod, words are very important, typography is played with, colors are lowered. Color is not used and it is combined with simple illustrations that are practically carbon and they could be from The New York Times . It's about valuing simplicity. The design of is within this retro style with its typography and illustrations. It also responds, I suspect, to a certain saving of resources, to a choice not to saturate raster to vector conversion the attitude we've been talking about: I don't want to get involved”. 5 design trends for 2021 9 is an organization platform that bets on clarity and simplicity 5. Movement and multilayer “We have grown tired of the static of 2D. Now we seem more and more attracted to things with some kind of movement. We make animations and use motion in things that were static before, such as logos and posters, but we also play with the format's own layers, with layering, creating overlaps between text and image, or even superimposing several images as if they were collages. The image alone is not enough, a layer alone bores us. The tools that Squarespace provides are oriented in this direction" In her course Techniques to train your creativity , Silvia provides details of her original way of approaching the world and finding inspiration, among other things, to detect new trends.