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Md. Naim Hasan Student
Jul 13, 2022
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In December 1951, the Chen family helped her recruit a man named Chen Chuanzhou as her husband, but she did not expect her tragic life to begin. Uncle-in-law's love According to the memories of Chen Jinxiu's biological parents and neighbors, after Chen Jinxiu got married, whenever she had a more intimate act with Chen Chuanzhou, she would be insulted by Cai Meidie, and she even said, "You are just Chen Chuanzhou's aunt (concubine), not a big one (wife). ." Such unspeakable words. What's even more strange is that the neighbors rarely see the newlyweds going out to play together. Instead, they often see Chen Chuanzhou and Cai Mei disc going in and out (helping Chen Ding with Stefanie Sun's "Green Light"). Whenever Cai Meidie gets angry and beats old picture restoration up Chen Jinxiu, it can be said that it is no different from a domestic animal, grabbing Chen Jinxiu's hair at every turn, asking her to kneel, or even riding on Chen Jinxiu's body to beat her. Chen Jinxiu's biological parents recalled the scene when Chen Jinxiu went home and cried. "My mother said that the beating will not be seen..." Unexpectedly, Chen Jinxiu, who went home and cried at that time, has turned into a cold corpse, which made the biological parents feel even more self-blame and grief when they wanted to come. Regarding Chen Jinxiu's scars and rumors with his mother-in-law, Chen Chuanzhou's statement is also quite intriguing. He said he had gone out to the theatre with his mother-in-law, but it was not that he had never gone out to play with the deceased. But according to common sense, most people don't want to go to the movies with their mother-in-law or father-in-law alone. If they are asked this way, they will answer flatly: "I don't have it." As for the scars, he said that it was because Chen Jinxiu was pregnant, and the mother-in-law was afraid of hurting the fetus by accident, so she concentrated on the legs, chest, and stomach. When the investigator looked at the document and saw this passage, he was completely speechless.