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Babu Islam
Jun 21, 2022
In General Discussion
By coincidence, i transformed into a product Whatsapp Mobile Number List manager. As of now, no more, no less, just 1.5 years as a product manager. Why change jobs do you all feel the same way? As a designer, i often hear comments from the outside Whatsapp Mobile Number List world: designers do not understand products. And when you face the product manager pointing at your design draft, will you also have the evaluation of "product manager does not understand design"? When i was a ui designer, i was often Whatsapp Mobile Number List troubled by the statement "you designers don't understand products". As early as 2018, not only my design team, but also Whatsapp Mobile Number List the design teams of major companies gradually required their designers to have product thinking. So when i was looking for a job, when the current company offered me an olive branch for a product position through a headhunter, i took this offer without thinking. At the time, i didn’t think much about it, and i didn’t know if i was Whatsapp Mobile Number List suitable to be a product manager. I just felt that there was an opportunity to cultivate my product thinking. Even if i would return to the design position in the future, this experience might not be a bad thing for me. Why write this article in the 1.5 years of being a product Whatsapp Mobile Number List manager, i have collaborated with design teams both inside and outside the company, and it can be said that i have come into contact with many types of designers.
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