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sanzida aktar
Jul 18, 2022
In General Discussion
If 1990's The Witches went the disgusting route, 2020's The Witches goes the naughty route, with Anne Hathaway playing a blond high-ranking witch with an odd accent, even with wicked schemes Painting, but has a mind that is not very bright, which makes her misses everywhere in the film. In other words, even if she has the face of a cracked woman, the hands of the old black mountain demon, and the pitted head, she Still not really annoying. The director who once filmed the business cards "Forrest Gump" and "Forrest Gump" and later declined director Robert. The new version shot by Robert Zemeckis is undoubtedly more lively, bright, funny, and vivid, less gloomy than the past, a little more funny and the photo background removing optimism of black people, because of the full CG relationship, even the mouse has changed. Not so disgusting. Yet the cruelty of the whole story hasn't diminished, and it's still the unfortunate story of how we deal with unprovoked doom. The theme of the movie was brought up shortly after the beginning, "How do we interpret the unreasonable disasters in life?" Because the boy lost his parents in a car accident, he closed himself and lived in depression for a time. This also corresponds to the fact that the boy and grandma met the witch in the grocery store for no reason, so that the grandma was cursed and the boy was targeted. In order to avoid the witch, they finally escaped to the hotel. I want to say that the witch will not chase, because she absolutely He never thought that a poor black man could live in a high-end hotel. As a result, he ran into a series of unfortunate incidents of witches. The little male protagonist even mistakenly entered the witch convention named "International Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse", and unfortunately met the little fat brother who met in the hotel. They were turned into mice together, and finally found out that the mouse that grandma gave him was also a child.
Witches the Photo Background Removing content media
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