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Who is Fleezy?

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 Hey whatsup family?! I go by the name Fleezy. Why that name you ask?  It was given to me in college by my friends during that whole Snoop era when "fo sheezy" was a thing lol. Since my Last name is Flood, they just started calling me Fleezy instead and it stuck. I'm from a small town called Rochester located in Upstate New York.  I've always had a passion for art since the 3rd Grade, coming up under my older brother who was a big influence towards my craft. I've always loved drawing graffiti, cartoons, and b-boy cool characters. I started getting really good at my craft once I saw much better artist than myself.  Artist like Victor Range (FUA crew), Zoner Fua and 10Hun motivates me to be Great! I truly hope you all appreciate the art and the time I put in to continue to better my craft. Much love and respect to you all.  

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